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Medior Data Engineer / Hilversum


Functie: Medior Data Engineer
Regio / plaats: Hilversum
Contact: Orange Recruitment
Referentienummer: 076675

Medior Data Engineer

medior data engineer vacature dutchchannels hilversumAt DutchChannels we believe in data; we have tons of it (live and stacked) and we utilize it. But there’s always room for improvement. That’s where you as a Medior Data Engineer can step in.


At DutchChannels we have a substantial base of subscribers on our different Video on Demand (VOD) platforms. However, in comparison with other VOD services such as Netflix, Videoland, Disney+, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, we do it differently at DutchChannels: we offer unique special interest platforms.

Video on Demand – VOD

The different (special interest) platforms provide a large amount of data through the various systems that are in use. We use this data to not only improve our technical/architectural structure, but to also speed up our (software) workflow and more. Further, it provides valuable information to our marketing team, offering them a variety of options to improve their processes. This data also supports our content team so that we can provide our subscribers the content they want, and when they want it. This is a very valuable knowledge that can be shared across our different platforms.

Design, build, and arrange data

As a Medior Data Engineer you will be a part of our technical software development team. Together with your colleagues of different backgrounds and experiences (software and non-software) your main task is to design, build and arrange our data pipelines, flows, warehouses, etc.

From start-up to scale-up

The position of Medior Data Engineer is a new role within our company. These tasks are currently divided in between different employees. But as we’re a fast growing company, we see the need to have someone to execute these tasks in a full time position. This means that you will enter in a role which you can partly define yourself based on your’s–and the current team’s–experience.

Skills Data Engineer

So, do you have programming skills and are able to innovate step by step? Then you will fit perfectly within our constantly changing environment(s), which provides a forward thinking atmosphere.

Formal education would be nice, such as Computer Software Engineering, Management Informatics, Econometrics or/and Computational and Applied Mathematics or similar. But on the other hand, education is no need, if the knowledge and skills are there, that is just as valuable.

We’re looking for a self-starting, pragmatic thinker: you’re able to work independently, but you’re also a team player who can juggle ideas and get as well as give feedback. You analyze, you test, and you redefine.

It’s preferable if you have good knowledge and understanding of programming languages such as Python, .NET Framework, JavaScript and/or similar scripting tools and techniques.

What’s in it for you

We offer a young, dynamic environment where you can perform try-outs. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, then try again. You will team up with various professionals and receive good guidance. We’re a very ambitious company where each team and team member collaborate to reach a common goal. We’re living in an online world and COVID-19 has shown that working from home is perfectly doable, so that will be a possibility, combined with coming to the office.

Does this sound interesting, then apply! Do you have more questions? Then you can call Wouter, our Recruitment Lead at +31 (0)6 54 74 23 04 (also in evening hours). To apply, please send a cover letter and a resume to Wouter at or use the form below.



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